*COSENZA (Stamile,P.) TET 4286-A (Shores Of Time x George Washington) 28” EMRe. emo. Ev. 6” x 3.5” x 2.5”. 4-way branching (2 laterals + terminal “y”). 28-30 buds.
    First question, “What is a Cosenza?” Cosenza is a city in the south of Italy from which my grandfather emigrated to the United States landing on Ellis Island with $25 in his pocket and a dream in his heart.
    Neither of my parents were gardeners and I never knew my grandfather as he died when my father was a young man. I knew him only through the stories that my father would tell me of how he worked in his father’s olive orchards in Italy. Here in the US my grandfather would grow his own grapes that my father would stomp to make wine. He was always growing plants outside their climate zone like figs in New York. He set up controlled experiments testing different fertilizers and herbicides to see which would kill broadleaf weeds but allow grass to grow. In short, he was a lot like me, loving and working with plants his whole life. So, to you Grandpa I name this daylily in your honor.
    COSENZA, the daylily is a beautifully formed bright rose pink with a large watermark and gold edge. Guy and I love this one. Personally, I like bright clear color on tall well branched scapes, color that is so bright and so clear that it radiates across the garden. This is one of the best. Fertile both ways and a great parent for both white edges and gold edges.