*CRAZY CRANE (Stamile,P.) TET 085-A (Skinny Dipping X Web Browser) 31” MRe. Ev. nofr. emo.  10” x 2” x 1¼”. 12” wingspan. 5-way branching. 30 buds. Strong erect scapes. Unusual form – spatulate. This beautiful ruby red unusual form really looks like a spider because of the small closure (the distance across the throat) but the spatula shaped petals widen as they go out and twist and so the form is markedly both crispate and spatulate.
 If you remember the Karate Kid movies, the “kid” goes into his famous “crane” position where he holds one foot up and both arms out and twisted. This flower is usually in that “crane “ position where the sepals will stand straight out and twist and curl at the ends. A lovely huge  flower. Fertile both ways…$100.00