*DARYA (Stamile, P) TET 0177-B (Dark Wonder x Over The Top) 33” MRe. emo. Ev.  5½”.  6-way branching.  35 buds. Double 100%.
     DARYA (“Dar-Yah”) means something complex and multi-faceted in Persian.  I can think of nothing more complex and multi-faceted than an eyed and edged double.   A wonderful show flower, DARYA blooms up and down the scape presenting wonderful multiple blooms on well-branched scapes.  The color shown in the slide is not correct.  The eye and edge are not rust red colored as shown but rather a blue lavender in the eye and edge.  The base color is cream. DARYA like CORAL EXPLOSION has only bloomed double for me.  A subtle beauty.  Fertile both ways