Debary Canary

*DEBARY CANARY (Stamile,P.) TET 262 [( Sdlg 933 x Lime Peel) x (Sdlg 631 x Tetra Lemonfellow)]    52” EERe. emo. Ev. 7 ½” x 1 5/8” x 11/16”. 12” wingspan. Unusual form crispate. Spider ratio 3.9:1  9-way branching (6 laterals + terminal”W”). 50 buds.
    Visitors to the garden early in the season always want this daylily. Its bright canary yellow flowers are a beacon in the early garden. Other tetraploid spider hybridizers have commented that they wish they had an easy yellow pod parent. DEBARY CANARY should please both groups. While no tetraploid spider can truly be said to be an easy pod parent in the same way that the full forms can DEBARY CANARY is my easiest yellow to set on. And while it is not a true spider it misses by only 1/8” of an inch on petal width to being a 4.0:1 spider.
    DEBARY CANARY is also special in being the best branched daylily I have ever done. While LAST SNOWFLAKE may have some scapes with 65 buds DEBARY CANARY has scapes with 6 laterals and a terminal “W”. The picture shows a rebloom scape with 6 flowers open on one scape. Some may worry that this would mean a quick bloom out but this is a rebloom scape so it has already been blooming for 3 weeks and since it has 50 buds to each bloom set and another set of scapes still to come this cultivar has both high bloom density and a long bloom season. Really if you can have just one spider or unusual form for landscaping I would recommend DEBARY CANARY. Fertile both ways.