*DOUBLE  IMAGE (Stamile,P) TET 9133 [(Clovette Adams x Night Embers) X Puccini]  29”  ERe. vfr. emo. ev. 6” flower. 7-way branching. (5 + terminal y) 50 buds. 100% double for me. You would think looking at this clear rose pink with its powder pink watermark and grass green throat that it came from a long line of pink doubles.  In fact, it came from a melon crossed to a black red that gave a medium red. This medium red seedling was crossed to a cream yellow and the result was the rose pink double, DOUBLE IMAGE. With the complexity of the genetic structure of tetraploids it can  be very difficult to predict precise outcomes and DOUBLE IMAGE clearly shows this.
     When I evaluate doubles I always ask if the flower would be pretty as a single or is it special only because it is double. DOUBLE IMAGE would make a beautiful single with its clear color and full round form. DOUBLE IMAGE also has some of the best branching I have seen in a double.  Both it and its parent PUCCINI pass this branching on.  DOUBLE IMAGE has exquisite plant habit with branches and flowers blooming well above the leaves.  A  must for the hybridizer wishing to push the color envelope or to incorporate branching and plant habit.  Fertile both ways………$100.00