Exotic Etching

*EXOTIC ETCHING (Stamile,P.) TET 2410 (Tetra Exotic Echo x Valley Stream) 19” EMRe. emo. Dor.  4 ½”. 4-way branching (2 laterals + terminal “Y”). 30 buds. Double 90%.
    I wasn’t expecting a double. I knew Tetra EXOTIC ECHO like EXOTIC ECHO threw doubles but I was looking for interesting patterns. To my delight I got the consistently double EXOTIC ETCHING. This cream double has a beautiful fuchsia patterned eye on both the petals and petaloids. The form is very full and doubling so complete so as to give the flower a very formal look. Really a must for anyone that prefers dormants or is breeding for patterns, doubles or like me is breeding for both. Beautiful blue green low and arching foliage. Easily fertile both ways.