*FREEWHEELIN (Stamile, P) TET 254-A (Wild And Wonderful X Tetra Marked By Lydia) 34” EERe. emo. Ev. 9” x 1 5/8” x 1 1/16”. 15” wingspan. 6-way branching. 45-50 buds. Spider. Spider ratio 4.75:1
     This beautiful cream yellow with a burgundy red eye spider was easily the favorite eyed spider  of visitors to the garden last year. While I personally preferred the size and twisting of AERIAL  DISPLAY,  most including Grace, preferred the color effect of FREEWHEELIN. FREEWHEELIN captures the eye and green throat from WILD AND WONDERFUL so the color "pops”.
     A beautiful daylily. Fertile both ways but a very difficult pod parent