*GOTHIC  BUTTERFLY (Stamile,P.) TET 0538 {[(Moonlit Masquerade x Boney Maroney) x (Star Of India x Tetra Green Widow)] x Tetra Cerulean Star} X Tetra Spider Miracle. 38” MRe. Dor. fr. emo. 8½”. 3-way branching. 18-22 buds. Strong erect scapes. Unusual form – crispate.
 GOTHIC  BUTTERFLY is a beautiful blend of pink over green but it is not the color that grabs your attention, rather it is the form that is so striking. Usually it presents the classic butterfly form with base quilling of the sepals ¾ of the way up  the sepal with the tip curling back. As a result you have both parallel and perpendicular crispation on the sepals. Petals are spatulate shaped and fairly narrow at the throat and either pinching or curling at the tips. A remarkable flower and our best example of the butterfly form. Fertile both ways but a very difficult pod parent……………………...$100.00