*IN SEARCH OF ANGELS (Stamile,P.) TET 7477-A (Rose Fever x Great White) 22” EMRe. vfr. emo. ext. sev.      5½” x 3” x 2 1/8”.  3-way branching.  18-20 buds.  When I first started crossing GREAT WHITE, a cream white, into the pinks I had no way of knowing that such beautiful colors would result.  From the bubble gum pink of AIN’T SHE NICE to the cerise rose of IN SEARCH OF ANGELS all were truly wonderful colors. GREAT WHITE seemed to work wonders, not only in clarifying the colors but in making them brighter and more luminescent without damaging any of the form.  This process has been so successful I am repeating it once more with using an even larger, flatter white with a much larger gold edge named WINTER SPRINGS.  Only time will tell if it will be as successful as GREAT WHITE was.  A friend speculated that there may be something genetically unlocked in the whites that when crossed into the colors give excellent progeny far in excess of anything that could be expected.  I do not know about this but I am excited to see if the magic will work again.
     IN SEARCH OF ANGELS is one of the brightest cerise roses in the garden.  Only its sib seems to be as bright.  IN SEARCH OF ANGELS has the flattest form and heaviest substance of them all.  Best of all it has the deep fluted ruffling I love with a wire silver edge.  A  real beauty.  Fertile both ways. …………………………..$100.00