*JUNZI (Stamile, P.)  TET 0360 (Blackthorne X Sabine Baur) 25 ERe. Ev. no fr. emo. 5 ½ x 2 ¾ x 2 ¼. 6-way branching. 35-40 buds.
 A Junzi is a wise man who has learned and grown from his life experiences. Here JUNZI is a ruffled cream with a violet black eye and edge and a green throat. This is a rather common color combination in the eyes and edges and I have bloomed thousands of them. So, what makes JUNZI so special? Is it the consistency of bloom, wide blunt sepals, flatness, nice color contrast or clarity of colors? I think it may be all of these things. Add to this a fabulous plant and flower presentation and early bloom with repeat bloom and you hopefully have the kind of flower a Junzi would select. Fertile both ways