Last Snowflake

*LAST SNOWFLAKE (Stamile,P.) TET 218 [{(6186 x Key Lime Ice) x [First Knight x (Great White x Key Lime Ice)]} X Winter Springs] 32” La-VLaRe. Emo. Ev.  7” x 3 3/8” x 2 ¼”. 7-way branching (5 laterals + terminal “Y”). 60-65 buds.
    This is a daylily of superlatives. It is our best late-blooming daylily to date. It is the last flower to scape in the garden. It is never even in scape when the visitors come to the garden in May. All that is visible is the nice dark forest green arching foliage. Around the middle of June, well over a month past peak here in Florida, LAST SNOWFLAKE will begin to bloom. Each bloom with its flat open form and pointed petals and sepals gives the illusion of a giant six-sided green snowflake.
    This is also the daylily with the highest bud count I have ever done with scapes having as many as 65 buds. Amazing for such a flower since it is usually the minis that have the high bud count. While SPECIAL OVATION may have one more lateral than LAST SNOWFLAKE it can’t come close to the total bud count. Most importantly, bloom is progressive so there is no crowding of blooms and bloom lasts a long time. Immediate rebloom also with incredible branching and bud count insures that LAST SNOWFLAKE will last the entire bloom season. Recommended for the late July and August doldrums in the North. A wonderful and unique contribution to the world of daylilies. Pollen is good but I have never tries to set on it as I am finished crossing when this cultivar blooms.