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*LEMON ELECTRA (Stamile,P.) TET 484-D (Olympic Showcase X Betty Warren Woods) 27” EMRe. SEv.fr.  EMO. ext. gd.  7½” x 3” x 2”.  4 way branching.   25-28    buds.  No picture.   LEMON ELECTRA, the pollen parent of BAS RELIEF is its diametrical opposite.  While BAS RELIEF is a study of the nuances of sculpting and form, LEMON ELECTRA is a screaming in-your-face electric lemon yellow.  What PRIMAL SCREAM, MOANA LOA and HOT EMBERS are to orange, and what MARY’S GOLD, OLYMPIC SHOWCASE, and SPELLBINDER are to gold, LEMON ELECTRA is to lemon yellows.  This daylily is all about color and the luminosity that some daylilies generate and cannot be captured on film.  This daylily is a landscaper for those who want a huge brilliant gold dusted lemon yellow on well branched scapes.  Fertile both ways but a difficult pod parent…………………… $50.00