Magical Mystery Show
*Magical Mystery Show

*MAGICAL MYSTERY SHOW (Stamile,P.) TET 5264-B {(Rock Solid x Calling All Angels) X Grand Masque] 23” ERe. emo. 5.5” x 3.5” x 2.25”. 4-way branching. 25-30 buds.
    I love this flower; the huge Madeira wine eye dominates the orchid cream base. Like its pollen parent GRAND MASQUE the wine colored edge bleeds into the eye while the eye bleeds into the edge, all the while giving the viewer a pointillism effect to the colors.
    MAGICAL MYSTERY SHOW is the first of a series of large flowers with eyes that have come to dominate the entire flower. These flowers combined with TET PEPPERMINT DELIGHT have come to produce 7” flowers with 6” eyes. With the flower predominately eye all things previously possible only in the eye come to the fore. Think blue. This may be a back door to the first blue daylily. We have blue in the eye of the daylily. Make the flower all eye and you have a defacto “blue” daylily.
    Also think of the possibilities of patterns. With a 6” eye you have an incredible pallet in which to play. Every intricate and fabulous pattern we now have in the miniature and pony sized flowers can now be translated to the large stage.
    I am very excited about the possibilities in MAGICAL MYSTERY SHOW. There are no limitations to what we can do within the eye of the daylily. Only endless possibilities greet us with daylilies like MAGICAL MYSTERY SHOW. Fertile both ways.