*MAGIC  LAKE (Stamile,P.) TET 9378-B   (Magic Amethyst x Mildred Mitchell) 30” EMRe. nofr.  emo. ev.  6 ½” x 3 ¼” x 2”.  4-5 way branching. 40-45 buds.  MAGIC LAKE gets its name from the fact that I first assumed it was a cross of MAGIC  AMETHYST and LAKE EFFECT, the two sibs.  To my surprise, it turned out to be a cross of my MAGIC AMETHYST and Kelly Mitchell’s wonderful MILDRED MITCHELL
This lavender blend begins the season as a quite ordinary lavender with a gold edge.  As the season warms the edge becomes something other-worldly as huge projections, tentacles, knobs and braids in deep rich gold outdo themselves to enhance the beauty of the bloom.  Picture perfect scapes with beautiful branching, high bud count and wonderful plant balance, all part of the MAGIC LAKE experience.  Truly a great daylily, it has yet to prove itself as a breeder. However, it has given a few green-edged lavenders and purples that make it very exciting to use.  Fertile both ways………$200.00