*MICHAEL  MILLER (Stamile,P.) TET 7419-G (Great White x Platinum And Gold) 30” EMRe. nofr. emo. ev.  6” x 3 ½” x 2”. 3-way branching. 22     buds.  When Michael asked me to name my best white for him, both Grace and I thought immediately of  7419-G.  We had admired it all season.  This cream white was more white than cream.  While it did not have the elaborate flutes, furls and ruffles of a VICTORIAN LACE, there was something about MICHAEL MILLER that garnered special attention.  It could not be the size since  VICTORIAN LACE was larger at 7”.  It could not be the gold edging since both CORTINA and NEW DIRECTION had bigger gold edges.  I think the thing that sets MICHAEL MILLER off is its great elegance.  It simply is one of the most beautifully formed whites with hardly ever a bad flower.  Looking down a row of  MICHAEL MILLER  you are struck by this quality.  A lot of whites go white by thinning out the substance.  This is not the case with MICHAEL MILLER. The substance is excellent for a white.
     If you hybridize you will appreciate MICHAEL MILLER’s ability to pass on both size and substance.  If the other parent has a gold edge, the results are phenomenal!  The MICHAEL MILLER x VICTORIAN LACE and MICHAEL MILLER x JT DAVIS this past season were breathtaking.  While not as green as KEY LIME ICE, MICHAEL MILLER  does have enough green to enhance the coolness of the white.  A fabulous daylily.  Fertile both ways…………………….$200.00