2017 Spring Introductions
All the Rave
*All the Rave
Curvaceous FlareAll the Rave
*Curvaceous Flare
Diamond Shores
*Diamond Shores
Edge of Adventure
*Edge of Adventure
Flash of Mischief
*Flash of Mischief
Master & Bold Ruler
*Master & Bold Ruler
Joy of My Heart
*Joy of My Heart
Kindred Jewel
*Kindred Jewel
Master & Bold Ruler
*Master & Bold Ruler
Opportunity Knocks
*Opportunity Knocks
Pink Extraordinaire
*Pink Extraordinaire
Red Lobster
*Red Lobster
Roaring Lions
*Roaring Lions
Thunder Glow
*Thunder Glow
Ultimate Blush
*Ultimate Blush
Red Eyes and Orange
Crimson Bullseye
*Crimson Bullseye
Crimson Dragon
*Crimson Dragon
Crimson Sun
*Crimson Sun
Opportunity Knocks
*Opportunity Knocks
Red Eyed Rascal
*Red Eyed Rascal

The Patterns
Blue Jay Holiday
*Blue Jay Holiday
Charlotte's Desire
*Charlotte's Desire
Oh Thank Heaven
*Oh Thank Heaven
Pandora's Charm
*Pandora's Charm
Sunset Riviera
*Sunset Riviera
Surfing the Web
*Surfing the Web
The Gift of Pizazz
*The Gift of Pizazz
Tranquil Tiger
*Tranquil Tiger

Miniature/Small Flowers
Bumble Bee Beauty
*Bumble Bee Beauty
Bumble Bee Blues
*Bumble Bee Blues
Bumble Bee Flasher
*Bumble Bee Flasher
Bumble Bee Glee
*Bumble Bee Glee
Bumble Bee Merrily
*Bumble Bee Merrily