*PRETZEL POWER (Stamile, P.)  TET 0148-A (Inky Fingers X Royal Celebration) 38” MRe. fr. emo. Ev. 10” x 1 7/8” x 7/8”. 13” wingspan. Petal length 6 7/8”, petal width 1 7/8”. Spider ratio 3.6:1. 7 way branching. 45+ buds.  Unusual form crispate. This candy apple to cardinal red crispate uf easily gives the appearance of being the skinniest of our introductions because of the lack of overlap in the throat.
     The story of PRETZEL POWER  is an interesting one.  Grace and I plant in blocks of 4. If there are 3 seedlings 3 will be planted. If there are 5 seedlings  the smallest will be discarded.  When lining out the INKY FINGERS x ROYAL CELBRATION seedlings some were too small and we put them off to the side to discard.  Well we got busy and several rooted to the side of those lined out. One of these was later to become PRETZEL POWER. While it was a tiny seedling it grew to be a powerful and vigorous cultivar.
     The wonderful twisting gives this cultivar its name.  The sepals always twist while the petals often twist as well. Strong erect scapes carry these large dramatic flowers.  Like many spiders PRETZEL POWER’s blooms dry and curl inconspicuously for such a large flower.  High scape density, high flower density and wonderful color mark this fabulous contribution to the tet spider class. A great daylily. Fertile both ways.....$100.00