*RIBBONS  AND  THINGS (Stamile,P.) TET 0514 {[(Splendid Touch x Shimmering Elegance) x Ed Brown] X Chartered Course} 29” EMRe. Ev.vfr. emo. 6” x 3¼” x 2½”. 6-way branching. 40-45 buds.  RIBBONS AND THINGS gets its name from its baby ribbon color and all the other things this flower is capable of. The slide shows a typical bloom with its very wide blunt sepals, wide full formed petals, gold edge on a beautifully formed and colored flower. At times, however, RIBBONS AND THINGS can become a very sculpted flower with an especially strong bas relief surface or it can show an extraordinary corduroy texture or even at times, become a crested double. Hence the name RIBBONS AND THINGS.
 Regardless of the texture shown RIBBONS AND THINGS is one of the prettiest pinks in the garden. With its high bud count and branching and display of its large consistently formed flowers RIBBONS AND THINGS was easily a visitor favorite this past year.  A wonderful parent for large gold edged pinks, RIBBONS AND THINGS is so pod fertile it will set almost every flower for me. Easily fertile both  ways………………………..$150.00